Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Touch of Color

 Potatoe flower

Some of the potatoes are ready for harvest and it is super exciting to see the results after several months of hard work. Photos of the harvest to come.... My hands are black from the harvest, my mother would faint and my sister would run me to the nearest nail salon. I would wear gloves but it kinda defeats the purpose as I love the sensation of finding lost potatoes under the soil and feeling the earth under my fingers. It feels like digging for gold when I come across a plant that is loaded with potatoes. Funny how your perspective on things can change... Over the weekend friends came to visit and purchased chickens, eggs, avocados, fruit and of course, potatoes and a lavender sachet. It felt so good to be able to sell the things I made with love and better yet, knowing that the people who bought the items would enjoy consuming them as much as I enjoyed being part of growing process.   And on that note.... I need a trip to Tahiti and a 7 hour massage.   

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Potatoes in Bloom

 Potatoes almost ready for harvest.

Sunset. The mountain in the far back reminds me of the face of a man looking to the sky...

Missing the sunshine in Ecuador

When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.


From Shakespeare's Hamlet, 1602

How very true I have come to realize this statement is. All my life I have been blessed, and once the new year began, I watched more people and relationships crumble, as if almost all at once.  Everyday, when possible, I watch the sun rise thru the tree in the photo above. The days as of late have been overcast and cold, that type of weather always makes it a little more difficult to get back on ones feet.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm Back

Life throws unexpected punches. I am back on my feet and ready to share my beautiful life in Ecuador.
                                                               This is Veroinca.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Change of Plans....

Looks like I will be headed home 3 weeks earlier than expected.. My house has a contract and it seems as though I will have about 3 weeks to pack up and say goodbye to my beloved lil house... Have so many photos and stories to share but I am unable to post as I am hitting a new city each day as I wrap up my trip... Will try to post more before I leave but no promises... sorry there are no pics... Much Love Me ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back home in Vilcabamba

I was greeted with the warmest of welcomes when I returned to Madre Tierra's. Everyone was suprised to see me again and so happy that I have come back. The sun is still not shinging but I am happier than ever. I have walked alone this time without a guide as I know my way and am at peace with all that surrounds me. I walked thru the river, climbed a mountain, slid down the mountain, lolol slept on the hammock and have watched the stars every nite.

I went the other nite to a friends house up in the mountains along the rio, where there was a small party. I had an amazing time!!! As we went to collect wood for the fire there was an amazing rainbow that glowed, I did not have my camera at the time, so I ran with the wood in my arms down the hill to grab it to come back and take a photo... It was not as vibrant as when I first saw it, but there is a photo here for you to see its beauty.

We had a huge campfire and I played the drums beside the fire (mind you, I have never played the bongo before and I played it like It was always a part of me) as others played different instruments, such as flutes, whistles and a bunch of others that I have no idea what they are called but together we made the most beautiful music!! I watched two meteors zip along the sky and it must have lasted for a good 3 minutes!! never in my life had I seen anything like it!!! I made a prayer for all my friends,family and even for those who I do not know at that very moment. Life is beautiful, and it is what you make of it. The Universe is always open to your requests, always.

I have so many wonderful stories to share with my family and friends when I return home and look so very forward to writing several books on this beautiful country of Ecuador.

I will be headed to Cuenca once again to meet with bridal shops and hopefully open up my photography business here as well so I can live the best of both worlds. After Cuenca I will go back to Olon and then the door is open to where the wind will take me. There is so much I have not seen but I am happy knowing that if I live here part time that I will have all the time in the world to see them.

Here are a few pics from this adventure, enjoy!!

franklin (1 of 1)-3

franklin (1 of 1)

toes (1 of 1)

franklin (1 of 1)-4

20090816-vilca (164 of 175)



20090816-vilca (89 of 175)

20090816-vilca (129 of 175)

20090816-vilca (134 of 175)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Camping on Baltra Beach

Today is my final day visiting the Enchanted islands of the Galapagos. I managed to meet Juan the very last week here and will never forget my time spent with this amazing person. We camped, laughed, danced till all hours of the nite, held hands, walked for miles, shared stories from our lives and cried.

Without Juan I would never have seen all the amazing places I visited in the last week. he is a native to the Galapagos, not to mention 8 years younger but in this case age did not matter. His knowledge of the islands is amazing and I visited places that not many tourists would go to. We were on a secluded beach in the middle of no mans land and at 10 at nite he suggested we go diving for lobster, I suggested (with my fear of nite diving) I stay on land and keep the fire going... that was daunting enough, but not so much as nite diving for lobster with white tip sharks buzzing around.... We ate 5 lobsters that he caught and cooked them on my fire stove I was so very proud of. In the morning we snorkeled and I swam with sea turtles, white tipped sharks and tons of colorful fishies along the reef. I will have a friend for life with him.

Today I headed out on my own to say goodbye to my beloved Island, Santa Cruz. I cried when I left 9 months ago and I cried today thinking of all the friends and memories I have made.

I have just been invited to a concert with my friend Elke the artist, her daughter is in a band and they have a concert tonight. So I will hopefully get some more last minute amazing photos ;)

Tomorrow I am headed back to Vilcabamba and from there I will go back to the coast to see some places I missed before.

I will be back to the Galapagos one day soon, hopefully in March when the trees are in bloom and the sun is always shining.

Enjoy the photos!!! And never forget to live life to the fullest!!